⚫ Works
"Icy fingers gripped my arm in the darkness", Single Channel Video, 2020
Antwerp Art Weekend, Forbidden City, Antwerp
"NICE GUY, COOL GUY, POOR GUY", Single Channel Video, 2017-2020
Work on display - the Quarantine way
"Gypsy", 2020, Wax, silicone, artificial grass,
CHIEN, Le Lac, Brussels
"Baloo", 2019, Wax, fabric, polyester filling
Installation View "Ceremony of Eternal Bonding - Dogs die love doesn't", 2019
Forbidden city, Antwerp
Part of "Eternal Beauty" Series, 2018, Wax, gummy bear, cotton thread
Installation view, "209", 2017, digital print on fabric
Seoul, South Korea
Installation view, "Halmoni", 2017, digital print on sticker, digital print on foam-board,
Seoul, South Korea
Performance, "Pigeon Stay", 2015, pigeon, camping lamp,
OpenbaarMuseum, Antwerp
"Attention we deserve", 2015
1/ text on paper, plaster, jute, threads, steel
2/ text on paper, plaster, jute, threads
"Untitled", 2015, Single channel video, fabric, steel mesh, polyester fillings
"Vending machine", 2015, Plywood, steel, paper clips, PVC sheet
"Snail park", 2014, Ceramic
"Why care", 2014, Single channel video, snails, glass, silicone glue
"Cactus", 2013, PVC, threads, pins
"Stufen", 2013-2015, Steel
Permanent collection, Prison of Beveren
"Nobody can hurt me", 2013, Steel
"When you lie", 2012, Steel wire, elastic threads
"Peaceful monologue", 2011
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🔸Dogs die love doesn't